Foot & Ankle Pain

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Foot and Ankle Pain: Understanding and Overcoming Discomfort

What Causes Foot and Ankle Pain?

Foot and ankle problems, like a sprained ankle or Achilles pain, can significantly impact your mobility and quality of life. These issues often arise from injuries or overuse, affecting the complex interplay of bones, muscles, and ligaments in these areas.

Symptoms of Foot and Ankle Pain You May Be Experiencing

Symptoms can include pain, swelling, difficulty walking, and a reduced ability to bear weight. Chronic issues like tendinopathies, especially common in the Achilles tendon, may develop from repetitive overuse or a specific injury event.

Treatment Options for Foot and Ankle Pain

At Indergaard Physiotherapy, we focus on accurately diagnosing your issue, whether it’s a tendon problem or a sprain, and implementing effective treatment strategies. Treatment may include exercises, manual therapy, and specific rehabilitation to restore full function as quickly as possible.

Preventive Measures and Lifestyle Changes for Foot and Ankle Health

Preventing future issues involves proper rehabilitation post-injury and awareness of daily activities that may contribute to overuse. Strengthening and flexibility exercises are also key.

When to Seek Professional Advice for Foot and Ankle Pain

Experiencing persistent foot or ankle pain? It’s important to address it promptly. At Indergaard Physiotherapy, we’re here to diagnose and effectively treat your condition, helping you regain full mobility. Don’t let pain hold you back – reach out to us for expert care.

Common causes include sprains, tendon issues like Achilles tendinitis, and overuse injuries.

Symptoms to watch for include pain, swelling, difficulty in weight-bearing, and reduced mobility.

Treatments include targeted exercises, manual therapy, and specialized rehabilitation programs.

Prevention involves proper post-injury care, regular strengthening, and flexibility exercises.

Consultation is advised for persistent pain, post-injury concerns, or if daily activities are impacted.

What to expect in your consult?

When you attend for your initial consultation here at Indergaard Physiotherapy, you will be taken through our thorough assessment process, where we will find the root cause of your pain. Your therapist, in partnership with yourself, will form a plan for how we aim to get you pain free and back to full function as soon as possible.

This can include hands on therapy, Shockwave Therapy, Laser Therapy, movement re-education and rehabilitation, as well as exercises. Our goal is to give you the best possible care to enable you to move better and feel great as soon as possible.


Our Initial Consultations last up to 60 minutes to make sure you receive a thorough examination and that we can start your treatment straight away so we can start you on your journey to get better.
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Our initial consultations are usually 60 minutes long and our standard treatment sessions are 30 minutes long. Occasionally we need longer sessions if we are treating multiple problems and this will be discussed and agreed with you before booking.
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