Oliver Shepherd

About Oliver Shepherd

Ollie is a Chartered Physiotherapist with an interest in Sports rehabilitation and strength & conditioning.

Ollie graduated from Northumbria University with a Master’s degree in physiotherapy. Prior to this, he gained a BSc (Hons) degree in sport science as well as working as a personal trainer. Since graduating Ollie has worked in private practice where he has specialised in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. In particular he uses his sports science and personal training background to develop and design his rehabilitation programmes. This in combination with his excellent hands on physiotherapy treatment ensures the best outcomes for his clients.


In addition to his clinic work, Ollie works for the Leeds United Academy, where he is involved in developing and delivering world class physiotherapy to the players, enabling them to return from injury as fast and safely as possible back to elite levels of performance.

Why Choose Oliver Shepherd

Ollie is a passionate Physiotherapist, who uses all his skills as a Physiotherapist and Performance coach to help people live an active and pain free life. He loves helping people realise and achieve their personal goals, from improving your pain and mobility so you can live your life pain free, to helping elite athletes achieve at their best.