Success Story – Chronic Hip Bursitis – Helen B.

Why did you choose to go to Indergaard physiotherapy for help?

I chose to come here for treatment as the clinic was recommended by 2 friends who have had successful treatments.

What was the problem that you were struggling with?

I had severe, debilitating pain in my left hip that had begun 6 weeks prior to my appointment. My GP prescribed me cocodamol and diazepam which didn’t help. I was then prescribed tramadol which also did not help. The following week I was then prescribed naproxen, however when this didn’t help the pain either it was so bad that I ended up having to go to A&E, where I got told that I had sciatica. 

How did your physiotherapist help with your problem?

My physio, Ruth, diagnosed it as chronic calcific bursitis. I then had an ultrasound scan then and there to confirm that this was the case. I was treated with a combination of shockwave and a recommended exercise programme that was put together on an app called physitrack for me. After the first treatment there was a noticeable improvement. After 2 more sessions I was 99% pain free and back in the gym doing my usual routine. 

What impact has this treatment had on you?

The treatment had a major impact on my mood; the constant pain I had before was draining and was stopping me from sleeping. I am now back at the gym and training at full capacity. I am completely pain free and cannot recommend the Indergaard Physiotherapy clinic highly enough.