10 Top Tips to prevent an injury on Christmas Day!!

10 top tips to prevent an injury on Christmas Day!

Whether its slipping on ice or toppling over the tree, all too often we see people who have had the misfortune of getting injured on Christmas Day! These tips will help to prevent you becoming the next Christmas Day injury victim!!!

1: Properly warm up your fingers to prevent an over-use injury from opening all those presents!
2: Stretch throughly before you try reach for the presents under the tree
3: To prevent your back straining, bend your knees to pick up heavy gifts from the floor and keep them close to your body when carrying them
4: Be mindful of sleeping dogs or children’s toys so you don’t trip over them and sprain an ankle
5: If going on a Christmas morning walk- wear correct, well fitting footwear with a good tread so you don’t slip on the ice and snow
6: Drink water with your wine to prevent a sore head in the morning!
7: Take some deep breaths prior to eating to avoid a stomach cramp during Christmas dinner
8: Try some arm strengthening exercises before the big day so you win the Christmas cracker (and avoid pulling a muscle)
9: Try not to get too competitive with board games like Twister, especially if you’re recovering from an injury!
10: Fatigue can lead to injury! To keep energy levels high, treat yourself to a post Christmas dinner nap! Most of all stay safe, enjoy the festivities, but don’t forget your exercises!!!

Check out our exercise video on the link below

exercise video

Merry Christmas!!
Love the Indergaard Physio Team!